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Nov 1, 2010

Nothing much happened this week, other than our maths teacher have us a load of homework for the preparation for the 'end of year test' also known as the 'common test'. We finished the testing for French, sorry for not being able to post so regularly, I've got about five more weeks left of the the year, five more weeks of my junior school life, and five more weeks of testing still to go. 
Went to Jessica's house today for some fun along with some other friends of hers, Catherine, Joan, Sharrise (I may have spelt these names wrong, please tell me if i have, so that I can correct it. At least it is something to do over the long weekend. 
Before I forget, lets wish Jessica a happy birthday on Wednesday. Hope all your wishes come true for the following year, may you keep being that girl of who I see today. Best Wishes of all the best towards the following year and onwards. 
I'm still working on my batch of Icons. Also, the monthly list will be put on the notice board soon. So far I have received great entries. Thank you all for your help and support. 
Before I click the 'publish post' button, wish me the very best of luck during my end of year/common exams. Hope you all have a great long weekend, as well as a safe and happy week. 
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