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Nov 2, 2010

Happy Halloween.  

Sorry I forgot to wish everyone a happy halloween, until i saw the messages on my tagboard. Sorry about forgetting, but hope you all had fun trick-a-treating, be careful to not let the ghosts come in and scare you! LOL 

I'm sure you readers have all heard about SHINee Jonhyun dating actress Shin Se Kyung. Hope that this doesn't affect the amount of fans of both idols. At the moment there are many comments going on about thesetwo idols one month dating. Many of them are wishing them the best, but unfortunately there are also some critical comments. Anyway, I believe that Jonhyun and SHin Se Kyung are both actually quite brave to be able to admit this rather than leacing it to become a rumor and spread around. I think that we should still keep supporting SHINee and Shin Se Kyung, even if we know that they are dating. Hope they would have a life-lasting relationship! 

Today's the Melbourne Cup,  I wonder whose the lucky winner. I'm sure I'll post about it soon, ready for all of you to know! 
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