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Oct 30, 2010

a contest of you all to join: 

(it's just like SOTM)

-You cannot have a private blog.
-No vulgarities or obscene pictures.
-No hiatus or MIAs or anything similar.
-The banner must be found somewhere on your site.
-You might credit ANY resources that you took from. If I found out that you didn't, you will be disqualified.
-No blogshops, and resource sites (sorry!)
-You MUST post about this site and recommend(: If not, your marks might be lower that someone else's even --though your layout is about the same as his/hers. If you referred someone, make sure that he/she told me that -you recommended him/her. It is not necessary though.
-Only ENGLISH blogs. Yeah. I don't like reading Chinese.

Points to note
-This contest must have the minimum of 10 participants, and a maximum of 25 participants.
-Link the banner to IMGROWNUP.BLOGSPOT.COM
-You are graded on your POST ABOUT THIS CONTEST, layout, originality, colour, neatness, simplicity, kawaii, creativity and humour. THAT'S A LOT! Oh yeah, popularity also counts and how you treat your taggers. (:

-Email ME at simpl-e@live.com
-Include your NAME and URL.
-You will receive a confirmation email from me.
-Once you received the email, place on your site (best on front page, no scrolling required)
-Post about this contest AT ONCE when you receive the confirmation email.

Important Dates
-Joining- From NOW till 25 October / when the maximum no. of participants reaches.
-Judging- 26 October to 28 October.
-Results- 29, 10, or 31 of October.

-Winners (1st - 3rd ) will get a SIGGYBUTTONBANNER, and an ADVERTISING SPOT( 3 months, 2 months and 1 month respectively )
-Merits( 4th - 6th ) will get a SIGGYBUTTON, and BANNER.
-Topic winners ( e.g. Most Creative ) will get a BUTTON and BANNER.
-Rest of the participants will get a SIGGY and BANNER.
* Siggies and buttons are in a set! 

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